Hello World 👋🌍

I have been meaning to redesign my website for a long time. I want to do more than just another re:skin so I am starting from scratch and designing the site live; partly to open my process to others who want to see and learn, partly to hold myself accountable so I do it properly.

Live design: means more than just having my code commits in the open on Gitlab. Instead of large wholesale design changes magically appearing on the internet, each individual change I make can be tracked live over dat:// the peer-to-peer web, enabled by the Dat Protocol. If you use BeakerBrowser you can turn on live reloading, to experience changes and blog updates auto refresh, as they happen. This, essentially, allows me to create a live blogging engine without any additional code.

You will still be able to refresh [the old fashioned way] over https:// if you use any other browser.

I can’t promise I will blog about the reason behind every design decision: but I will try.

This, is all part of my commitment to support a better, open and decentralised web for the future.